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Thinsulate is a lightweight synthetic fiber that helps to keep you warm in cold weather. It’s often used in winter coats, hats, gloves and other clothing items. The word “thinsulate” is a portmanteau of thin and insulation.

Thinsulate was invented by 3M scientists Charles Law and Robert Cox in 1968. They were working on a new way to insulate heat pumps when they accidentally created the material that would eventually become Thinsulate. They discovered that if they used two layers of fabric with air in between them, it would prevent heat from escaping through the material. This was done by applying an adhesive between the layers of fabric, which allowed them to be compressed into one another when heated.

They are made of polyester fibers whose diameters are less than 1/1,000 of an inch. These fibers are packed into a matrix material that is usually a polymer foam such as polyurethane or latex, and then compressed into sheets or rolls by a hydraulic press. Thinsulate is lighter, thinner and less bulky than traditional insulations, such as wool or down. It consists of flexible filament fibers that trap air in small pockets between the fibers, creating dead air space that acts as an insulator. This is the same principle on which all insulation works. Sora products are made with Thinsulate. Providing the best insulation for your heated product. 

The synthetic fiber keeps you warm without adding much weight, which makes it the perfect choice for us. Sora heated clothing are expertly constructed with Thinsulate and uses Sora Heating System to provide an active heating to you.