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Welcome to Sora, the pioneering fashion brand founded by friends Julia Layton and Jenny Pan in 2021. Our mission is to create tech-integrated clothing that is both captivating and functional, with a focus on sustainability and ethical labor practices.

At Sora, we believe that fashion should solve problems, not create them. That's why we use only the finest, responsibly sourced materials to create our clothing, sourced from Japan, China, and Switzerland. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our production processes, with all of our clothing locally sewn to ensure ethical labor practices.

Each of our collections features innovative outerwear and accessories that are not only stylish, but also highly functional. From detailed pockets and compartments to smart fabrics and cutting-edge designs, our clothing is made to keep up with the demands of your active lifestyle.

At Sora, we're dedicated to creating a refreshingly directional and personal approach to fashion. We believe that the future of fashion is bright, and we're committed to leading the way with our captivating designs and innovative solutions.

Thank you for choosing Sora, where fashion, technology, and sustainability come together to create the clothing of the future.